About Us


 Ron Brown is the core of our accounting firm. He graduated with his masters in accounting from Ohio State University in 1978. Since then, he has built up his own accounting firm, which he continues to grow. With 40 years of accounting under his belt, Ron has the knowledge you need from an accountant and the experience you want. 

 Marjorie Daniels has worked with Ron for many years. Having retired from teaching accounting (along with other classes) in the local school systems, she now assists Ron with general bookkeeping and has taken point on several of the client files. 

 Karen Hartzler has also worked with Ron for years, in a variety of business pursuits. She has an eye for detail that can’t be rivaled. She completes a final review of each client file during tax season to ensure 100% accuracy. Afterward, she prepares client folders to help them stay organized. 


Cheryl Weislak is relatively new to the firm. She is the executive assistant and has been learning new procedures and services daily.